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Fisher Pens | Bullet

Bullet Space Pens

Bullet Space pens from Fisher.

One of the best known ballpoint pens of the 20th century, the Fisher Bullet Pen was first produced in a chrome finish, and some fifty years later is now available in a range of colours and finishes. In the 1960s Fisher developed a pressurised ballpoint refill which was then used by NASA and astronauts during the early years of the 'space race'. This refill has been developed further and is now produced in an assortment of colours for use in the Bullet Pen from Fisher. An optional pocket clip can be purchased for attachment to a pocket. The pen comes in a small gift box with an enclosed instructional booklet.


Chrome Fisher Bullet Space pen.
Brushed Chrome Bullet Space pen.
Brass Bullet Space pen.


Coloured Finishes

Blue Bullet Fisher Space pen.
Green Bullet Space pen.
Fushia Space pen.


Titanium Finishes

Rainbow Fisher Bullet Space pen.
Black Titanium Bullet Space pen.


With Pocket Clip

Bullet Space Pen with clip, chrome.
Bullet Space Pen with pocket clip, blue.


Slip on Clips

Bullet pen pocket clip.


The ultimate in dependability.