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Parker, Waterman, Sheaffer, S T Dupont, Porsche, Pelikan Pens.
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Dip pens were produced in a variety of shapes and sizes. Expensive dip pens were made of mother of pearl, silver, gold, porcelain, agate, tortoiseshell, glass and ivory.

Dip Pens

Hand quill holder and seal.

Ref. 774

S. Mordan hand quill holder, gold with ivory shaft, floral engraving to the cuff, quill ejector, unusual seal finial - featuring a bird cage and bird in flight, circa 1840, (excellent). Sold

Braham dip pen.

Ref. 844

A Braham type pen holder, English, c. 1830. A gold quill holder mounted on a tortoiseshell shaft inlaid with gold and mother of pearl - pique. It appears that the shaft has been broken and repaired with a broad gold band. Sold

Agate and silver pen holder.

Ref. 843

Octagonal agate pen holder. Red, white and clear shaft, silver terminal and nib holder, floral design. Sold