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Diplomat | Aero

Diplomat Aero Pens

Diplomat Aero pens.

The Diplomat Aero is an all anodised aluminium pen range that features a fluted barrel tapered at both ends. The pocket clip and nib section are coloured to coordinate with the rest of the pen, and pens are marked with the Diplomat logo on the cap terminal and around the cap lip. The stainless steel nibs are also engraved and available in fine, medium or broad. The ballpoint is rotary actuated and the fountain pen is a cartridge-converter. The Diplomat Aero fountain pen is also available fitted with a medium 14k gold nib at extra cost.



Black Diplomat Aero fountain pen with stainless steel nib.

Black Diplomat Aero ballpoint.


Black Aero ballpoint pen.

Grooved depressions running along the length of the pen.