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The Omas Shakespeare Fountain Pen

Omas Shakespeare pen.

Made from oak and antique silver, the Omas Shakespeare fountain pen is a limited edition of 450 pens. The top of the cap bears the design of the seal matrix on the ring held by The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, and believed to have belonged to Shakespeare. The cap itself is made in antique silver and decorated with patterns taken from the lace collar on the Stratford portrait of Shakespeare. An image of Shakespeare is also engraved on the cap. The bottom of the pen, also in silver, is decorated with the same lace pattern along with part of the original parish register entry for Shakespeare's birth in 1564, "Gulielmus filius Johannes Shakspere." Each pen is also numbered (000/450) on the terminal at the end of the pens' barrel. The large 18crt gold nib (silver plated) is engraved with William Shakespeare's initials. The pen is presented in a wooden gift box which opens out to replicate the shape of an old writing slope, and contains a bottle of ink and limited edition papers.

● Limited edition of 450 fountain pens.

● Individually numbered on filling knob terminal.

● 18k gold nib engraved "W S".

● .925 sterling silver cap, nib section and barrel bottom.

● English Oak barrel.

● Piston filler - uses bottled ink only.

Although available in fine, medium, broad and italic nib grades, we normally only have the pen in stock in medium. Please enquire on the delivery of the pen another nib grade.

Limited edition Omas Shakespeare fountain pen.

No longer available.

The limited edition Omas William Shakespeare fountain pen was launched in April 2014.