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An edition of 100 pens issued in 2013.


The Onoto Magna Tortoiseshell Fountain Pen

Onoto Tortoiseshell Magna pen.

The Onoto Magna Classic Tortoishell fountain pen was introduced in 2013. Limited to 100 pens, the Tortoiseshell Magna is crafted from marbled acrylic and trimmed with gold-plated sterling silver fittings.

Based on the design and shape of one of the most famous fountain pens ever made (the Onoto Magna of circa 1937) this Magna Classic pen has three gold-plated sterling silver cap bands and a gold plated chevron style pocket clip, cap and barrel terminal.

The 2013 Onoto Magna Classic Tortoiseshell is a limited edition of 100 pens. Each pen being individually numbered on the barrel, hallmarked on the middle cap band and features the “OPC” mark for the Onoto Pen Company.

Although originally available in a variety of nib grades, we now only have the pen available fitted with an 18crt medium nib. Filling is with bottled ink with the pen converter (supplied) or ink cartridges. Supplied in a lacquered gift box with all papers, etc.

Onoto Magna Tortoiseshell fountain pen.

Sold out and no longer available.

The Onoto Magna Classic in Tortoisehell.