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Parker Pens | Parker Premier

Parker Premier Pens

Parker Premier pens.

The Parker Premier fountain pen, rollerball and ballpoint combine elements of iconic Parker pens with innovative finishes and modern production techniques. Premier fountain pens are fitted with 18k gold nibs. Available in finishes including the Deluxe, Custom and Lacquer with gold or silver plated trim. The Premier fountain pen is a cartridge converter which can be filled with bottled writing ink or ink cartridges and fitted with a fine, medium or broad nib. Now also available as a special edition in black.

Parker Premier Deluxe fountain pen.

Premier Deluxe ballpoint.

Premier Deluxe, Gold Trim.

Contemporary styling with a chiselled 23k heavily gold-plated finish. Solid 18k hallmarked two-tone nib.

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Premier fountain pen.

Premier ballpoint pen.

Premier Deluxe, Silver Trim.

Graduated chiselled styling with a silver plated finish. Solid 18k hallmarked nib with rhodium highlights.

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Tartan Parker Premier Custom fountain pen.

Tartan Premier Custom pen, ST.

Premier Custom, Silver Trim.

Tartan silver plated caps with a deep black glossy finishes to the barrels. Iconic silver Parker arrow pocket clip and an 18k nib (rhodium plated) fitted to the fountain pen.

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Laque Parker Premier.

Premier ballpoint.

Parker Premier, GT.

Deep black lacquer cap and barrel with 23k gold plated trim. The hallmarked nib is 18k gold and decorated with the Parker arrow.

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Lacquer Premier pens.

2009 Lacquer black Parker Premier ballpoint pens.

Parker Premier, ST.

Glossy deep black lacquered caps and barrels with silver plated trims. The goldsmith's hallmarked nib is solid 18k gold and then rhodium plated.

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Special Edition Black Parker Premier fountain pen.

Special Edition Black Parker Premier.

Only available as a fountain pen this Special Edition Black Premier fountain pen is fitted with a 18k gold nib.

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Parker Premier pens are supplied in a luxury gift box with cartridges and ink converter.