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Luxury Pelikan Edelstein Ink, 50ml

Edelstein ink is suitable for all fountain pens.

Pelikan Edelstein inks from Pelikan.

Edelstein ink is a new ink introduced in 2011 from the long standing fountain pen manufacturer, Pelikan. The ink has been formulated to optimise ink flow and aid smooth writing. Edelstein is German for gem stone and the inks have been inspired by the colour of various gem stones. This ink is presented in a heavy glass bottle which is both aesthetically pleasing and an attractive addition to any desk or office. Pelikan Edelstein ink is available in various colours from Penbox as illustrated below. £14.99

Edelstein Black Onyx.

Onyx (black)


Sapphire (blue)


Topaz (purple/blue)


Jade (light green)


Aventurine (green)


Mandarin (orange)


Ruby (dark red)

Edelstein Tanzanite blue black.

Tanzanite (blue/black)

Smoky Quartz ink.

Smoky Quartz (dark brown)

Edelstein Aquamarine ink.


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