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Parker, Waterman, Sheaffer, S T Dupont, Porsche, Pelikan Pens.
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All Pen Refills | Porsche Erasers, Ink Cartridges, Rollerball and Ballpoint Refills.

Porsche Pen Refills

Porsche Design writing instruments and pen refills are manufactured under licence by the Pelikan Pen Company. Below you can view and purchase a range of cartridges, erasers, rollerball and ballpoint refills which are recommended for Porsche pens and pencils. We are an authorised Porsche pen retailer and usually have the featured refills in stock.

Yes, Pelikan have partnered with Porsche Design to supply their pen and pencil refills.

Porsche pen refills.
Porsche Design pen ballpoint refills.
Blue Black Red cartridges

Porsche pen ballpoint refill in fine, medium or broad, No 337. £4.99

Porsche pen rollerball refill.
Black Blue

Porsche pen rollerball refill, No 338. £5.45

Porsche D1 refill for the Shaker Compact ballpoint.
Black Blue

Porsche refills for the Compact or Shaker, P'3140, No 38. £2.99

Porsche fountain pen ink cartridges.
Black Blue

Porsche Design fountain pen ink cartridges (box 6). £2.25. See more inks and cartridges recommended for Porsche fountain pens here.

Porsche pencil erasers for P'3110, P'3120 and P'3125.

Replacement pencil erasers for the Porsche Design Pencils P'3110, P'3120 and P'3125. £2.99

Pencil leads for Porsche Design pencils.

A file of pencil leads for all Porsche Design pencils, .7mm HB (12 pieces). £3.99