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Limited Edition Flame Red Duofold DNA

Red Duofold DNA.

The Flame Red Parker Duofold DNA fountain pen is a limited edition Centennial sized fountain pen of 100 pieces. The pen was produced for the London Pen Show of 2009. However, only 90 pens were made available for purchase and one additional pen (number 2) auctioned at the show. The innovative design of this limited edition was inspired by the helical pattern of DNA. This Duofold DNA is finished in 'Flame Red' resin and precision chiselled to give the pen a unique aesthetic appeal and unique tactile dimension. The decorative trims and the nib are platinum plated. The limited edition 18crt nib fitted to this pen is only available in a medium grade. This edition of 100 pens, each individually numbered on the barrel end, is presented in a luxury presentation box with a certificate of authenticity. This example is number 42/100 and the enclosed paperwork has been signed by the Parker brothers (Stephen and Geoff), who attended the WES 2009 London Pen Show.

WES London Pen Show Limited Edition Flame Red Parker Duofold fountain pen.

No longer available.

Limited Edition Flame Red Parker Duofold DNA Pen

The Flame Red Duofold DNA.