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Parker, Waterman, Sheaffer, S T Dupont, Porsche, Pelikan Pens.
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Sheaffer Pen Cases

The single and double leather pen cases illustrated below are an ideal way to protect your Sheaffer pens.

Double leather Sheaffer pen case.

Black leather double Sheaffer pen case, suitable for two pens. Constructed from fine grained leather and embossed with the Sheaffer logo. £32

Single Sheaffer pen case.

Black single Sheaffer leather pen case suitable for one pen. Constructed from fine leather and decorated with the a Sheaffer rivet logo. £27

Double Sheaffer pen case in leather.

Double Sheaffer pen case suitable for two pens. Black leather loop over style and decorated with the Sheaffer rivet logo. £30

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