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Fisher Space Pen Refills

Space pen refills for ballpoint pens posted on the same or next working day.

Space pen refills and how they work.

Ordinary ball pens rely on gravity for ink flow, but with Fisher Space pen ballpoint refills being pressurized at nearly 35 pounds per square inch, ink is continuously fed to the tungsten carbide ball, allowing the user to write at any angle. This advancement required the development of a new special ink. This new visco-elastic, thixotropic ink, flows as a result of the shearing action of the rolling ball in its socket. The shearing action liquefies the solid gel thixotropic ink, allowing the Space pen to write smoothly and dependably on most surfaces and even underwater.

Writes: from -30° F to 250° F ● on wet surfaces ● on photographs ● through grease ● underwater ● at any angle ● upside down

Fisher Space Pen Ballpoint Refills.

Fisher ballpoint SPR refill.
Blue Space pen refills for ballpoint pens. Space pen refill in black. Red Space pen refill. Green Space Pen ballpoint refill.

Available from the Penbox shop and online in blue, black, red and green.


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