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Pelikan Souveran Pens - Information

Pelikan pens.

Since producing their first fountain pen in 1929 Pelikan pens have become world renowned for reliability and elegant design.

The Pelikan Souveran range of fountain pens have a deserved reputation for comfort, reliability and fluid writing. Writers report appreciating the Pelikan Souveran pen's remarkable lightness in the hand when initially using the pen or after extended use. The balance, performance, flow and overall feel of a Pelikan Souveran fountain pen positively encourages creativity. With the combination of the Pelikan Souveran pen's piston filling mechanism and its flexible nib, the ink line on paper is clean and constant with some thick and thin line variation.

The flexible nib is the heart of the Pelikan Souveran fountain pen. It is cut from a 14crt or 18crt gold sheet and subsequently punched, formed and stamped. The tip of the nib is made if iridium, a refined metal of the platinum group. It (the iridium) is then welded to the front part of the gold nib and subsequently form-grinded, slotted and polished. The quality is constantly checked and the nibs are subjected to numerous mechanical, manual and optical tests at each stage of production. The nibs are then rotated in a polishing tank for many hours where they are polished by thousands of small porcelain particles. A final polish is then given to the nibs with minute copper balls. After more than 30 high-precision operations, the gold nibs are ready for use. The Pelikan Souveran fountain pen and its flexible nib are a delight to write with.

Our range of Pelikan Souveran pens can be viewed here. We can also supply all Pelikan pens, inks, and accessories from the prestige Pelikan product range.

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