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Limited Edition Black Parker Duofold DNA Pen

Duofold DNA pen.

Introducing the Black Parker Duofold DNA Centennial Fountain Pen. Since 1921 Parker have been creating Duofold fountain pens for people who love to write. The innovative design of this limited edition was inspired by the helical pattern of DNA. Created from pearlescent smoke grey resin and precision chiselled from solid material which gives a special tactile dimension to the pen. The decorative trims, special cap decal and the arrow clip are platinum plated. The engraved cap band echoes examples of earlier Duofold pens held in the Parker archive. The platinum plated 18crt gold nib, tipped with a hard wearing alloy, is formed with a tapered section which ensures flexible, smooth and long lasting writing pleasure. The limited edition arrow nib fitted to this pen is only available in a medium grade. This edition of 1088 pens, each individually numbered, is presented in a luxury presentation box with a certificate of authenticity signed by Dave Ruderman (Director of Heritage Products).

Black Parker Duofold DNA fountain pen.
DNA luxury gift box.

Limited Edition Black Parker Duofold DNA Fountain Pen.

No longer available.

Black Parker Duofold Centennial 'DNA Limited Edition' fountain pen.