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Delta | Dolcevita

Delta Dolcevita Pens

Delta Dolcevita.

The Dolcevita collection is a result of Delta's traditional craftsmanship offering writing instruments turned by hand from solid bars of orange and black resin. Various versions and sizes that include oversize, medium and slim are available. The Classic illustrated below has a flat top cap in black resin and a barrel in orange resin with a black resin barrel terminal. The Dolcevita also has a sterling silver cap band which is assay marked and a sterling silver Delta logo on the top of the cap. The pocket clip features a rotating end to aid sliding into and out of the pocket. Nibs are a mix of size 4, 6 and 8 in 14k gold and available in various nib grades. The Oversize has a converter, cartridge or eyedropper filling system. The medium and slim uses ink cartridges or a converter for bottled ink. Pens come with gold plated or rhodium plated trims dependant on the model. Below we have a choice of the Classis Dolce Vita with the rhodium trim.


Classic Dolcevita Slim FP, ST, £299

Classic Dolcevita Slim ballpoint pen £199

Orange and black resin.