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Faber Castell | Emotion

Faber Castell E-Motion Pens

Faber Castell Emotion pens.

The E-motion is characterised by its curvaceous silhouette and the choice of finishes has recently been increased with the addition of the hibiscus red with a mock crocodile surface decoration. Highly polished chrome trim provides contrast to this and several other of the finishes. Another recent addition is the Faber-Castell Emotion Pure fountain pen with an all black cap, barrel and nib. The fountain pens can use ink cartridges or bottled ink, and are available fitted with a choice of nib grades. The ballpoint pens are twist actuated and use a torpedo type refill.

Faber Castell Emotion pens.


Black Emotion Pure fountain pen.

Faber-Castell Emotion Pure.

Black Pure ballpoint £75.

Black Croco E-motion fountain pen.


Croco E-motion fountain pen.

E-Motion ballpoint.

Black precious resin Croco Emotion ballpoint £47.

Parquet Emotion fountain pen.


Parquet Emotion fountain pen.

Parquet ballpoint.

Parquet ballpoint pen £47.

Hibiscus Red E-Motion.

Hibiscus Red Croco Faber-Castell E-Motion ballpoint pen £47.

Commit your thoughts to paper with the E-Motion.