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The Parker 51 was advertised as the first fountain pen ever to have an enclosed nib. Contemporary Parker advertising stated "Here is a history making innovation in pen nibs - the first nib ever to be enclosed, keeping it moist and guarding against damage through accident". The Parker 51 Fountain Pen - A Brief History.

Parker 51 Archive - Page 3

Parker 51 Custom fountain pen.

Ref. 1095

Parker 51 Custom, dove grey with rolled gold cap, 14crt medium nib, pearlised cap jewel, aerometric filler, no dings or marks, boxed, uninked with original retailer chalk marks, 1960s, English, (mint). Sold

Parker 51 Signet twin Set.

Ref. 837

Parker 51 Signet fountain pen and clutch action pencil, 14crt gold filled, 14rt fine nib, pearlised cap jewels, dated 1954, no dings, scratching or marks, (excellent). Sold

Parker 51 twin set.

Ref. 755

Parker 51 Classic pen and clutch pencil, dark burgundy barrels with lustraloy caps, 14crt medium nib to pen, pearlised cap jewels, aerometric filling pen, no dings or marks to pen, one small ding to pencil cap, pen very good, pencil good, circa 1950s. Sold

Parker 51 Jotter.

Ref. 858

Parker 51 Jotter, lustraloy cap, burgundy barrel, pearlised clip jewel, no dings, scratches or marks, circa 1960, (excellent). Sold

Parker 51 Classic.

Ref. 755a

Parker 51 Classic, dark burgundy with lustraloy cap, 14crt medium nib, pearlised cap jewel, aerometric filler, circa 1950s, no dings or marks, (very good). Sold

Parker 51 taper desk pen.

Ref. 744

Parker 51 taper desk pen, black, 14crt medium nib, no scratches or marks, circa 1970, (very good). Sold

Parker 51 in forest green.

Ref. 739

Custom Parker 51 in forest green, gold filled cap, aerometric filler, 14crt fine nib, no marks to cap, barrel or section, dated 1958, (very good). Sold

Custom Parker 51 pen and pencil.

Ref. 756

Parker 51 Custom pen and continuous feed pencil, burgundy, 14crt medium nib, aerometric filler pen, no dings, scratches or bruises to the barrels or caps, 1955, English, (excellent). Sold

Parker 51 Archive Continued

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