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Fountain Pen Nibs

Fountain Pen Nibs. Parker, Waterman, Sheaffer, Pelikan, Cross, Faber Castell, Lamy.
The nib is the heart of a quality fountain pen and over the years manufacturers have used a variety of materials to produce them. Early quill pen nibs were re cut with a small bladed knife which developed into the folding knife we know today as the penknife.
Parker Duofold, Premier, Latitude, Urban, IM and Sonnet Nibs. Parker nib information
  Model NP EF Fine Med Broad OB IB
  Parker Duofold Centennial, 18k.
  Parker Duofold International, 18k.
  18K Premier Nib.
  Parker Sonnet, 18k two tone.
  Parker Sonnet, 18k.
  Parker Sonnet, 18k, rhodium.
  Parker Sonnet, gold plated.
  Parker Sonnet, stainless steel.
  Parker Latitude.
  Parker 45.
  Urban GT or ST.
  IM GT or ST.

Parker Nibs

Waterman Edson, Exception, Carene, Charleston, Perspective, Expert, Hemisphere Nibs.
  Model EF Fine Med Broad Stub Fine Oblique Broad Oblique
  Exception (larger models).

Waterman Nibs

Sheaffer Legacy Heritage, Valor, Agio and Prelude Nibs.
  Model Fine Medium Broad
  Sheaffer Legacy Heritage.
  Sheaffer Valor 18k nib.
  Sheaffer Prelude - gold plated.
  Sheaffer Prelude - stainless steel.
  Sheaffer Agio - gold plated.
  Sheaffer Agio - stainless steel.

Sheaffer Nibs

Pelikan 1000, 800, 805, 600, 400, 405 and Pura Nibs.
  Model Ex Fine Fine Med Broad IB
  Pelikan 1000 - 18k.  
  Pelikan 800/805 - 18k.
  Pelikan 600 - 14k.
  Pelikan 400/405 - 14k.
  Pura Nib.

Pelikan Nibs

Cross Townsend, Apogee, Century, C-Series, Sauvage, ATX.
  Model Fine Med
  Townsend - 18k & 18k/rhodium.
  Townsend - GP or stainless.
  Apogee - 18k & rhodium.
  C-Series - rhodium finish.
  Century II - 18k.
  Century II - GP or stainless.
  Sauvage - rhodium finish.
  ATX stainless steel.
  Cross Affinity nibs.

Cross Nibs

Porsche P'3110.
  Model Fine Med Broad
  Porsche Design P'3110 nib.

Porsche Nibs

Faber Castell Ambition and Emotion Nibs.
  Model Fine Med Broad

Faber Castell Nibs

Lamy Pen Nibs.
  Model EF Fine Med Broad Italic Nib (mm)
1.1 1.5 1.9
  Lamy Z50 silver nib.
  Lamy Z50 black nib.

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Pilot Capless Pen Nibs (Vanishing Point).
  Model Fine Med Broad
  18k Gold Pilot Capless pen nib.
  18k Gold/Rhodium Pilot Capless nibs.

Pilot Nibs

Visconti Pen Nibs.
  Model EF Fine Med Broad Stub
  14k and 18k.
  23k DreamTouch nibs.
  18k SmarTouch nibs.

Visconti Nibs

Most replacement nibs are an easy self fit.