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Pen Nibs | Sheaffer Pen Nibs

Sheaffer Legacy, Valor, Prelude and Agio nibs.

Sheaffer pen nibs for Legacy, Valor, Prelude, Agio, etc.

Model Sheaffer Nib Grades
Sheaffer Legacy 18K pen nibs: £129 Image
Sheaffer Valor 14K nib, GT: £129 Image
Sheaffer Valor 14K nib, ST: £129 Image
Sheaffer Prelude - gold plated: £35 Image
Sheaffer Prelude - stainless steel: £35 Image
Sheaffer Agio - gold plated: £29 Image
Sheaffer Agio - stainless steel: £29 Image

Sheaffer fine, medium and broad nibs have a rounded writing point which gives a uniform line width. In 1959 Sheaffer introduced their characteristic inlaid nib, still featured on the Sheaffer Legacy fountain pen.

Prelude Pen Nib, Two-Tone with GT or ST, £35:

Agio Nibs, GP or Stainless, £29:

Note: GT = gold trim, GP = gold plated and ST = silver trim.

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