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Recent Vintage and Collectable Additions - Page 1

Ref. 1266D

Marbled maroon Parker Duofold Centennial burgundy fountain pen, earlier shorter pocket clip with engraved feathers, flat top cap with flat cap bands, 18k medium nib, excellent condition in all respects, original Parker pen box, c. 1988, English, (excellent), £449.

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Ref. 1278

A marbled blue Parker Duofold Centennial fountain pen, short pocket clip with engraved feathers, flat top screw on cap with flat 23k plated cap bands, ruthenium tipped 18k gold extra fine two tone arrow style nib, great condition in all respects, c. 1987, English, (excellent). Sold

Parker biscuit barrel ink bottle in ceramic.
Ceramic Parker ink bottle.
A Hobbs Welch Design Parker ink bottle in ceramic.

Ref. 1339

A ceramic figural novelty biscuit cookie jar container in the shape of a large bottle of Parker Quink ink. These were made under licence from the Parker Pen Co. Ltd by A Hobbs Welch Design in the early 1980s. Height 190mm, width 180mm, as new with no chips, (excellent). Sold

Waterman L'Etalon fountain pen.

Ref. 1331

Large vintage Waterman L'Etalon fountain pen, gold plated basket weave finish, 18k medium nib, cartridge converter, converter present, no dings or surface scratches, France, c. 1990s, (excellent). Sold

Waterman CF fountain pen nib. Waterman CF fountain pen.

Ref. 1308

Waterman CF fountain pen and matching ballpoint pen, very attractive finish that we have only seen a few times over the years, 18k fine nib, excellent example of this early cartridge converter fountain pen, gold plated, fountain pen uninked and both pens are unmarked in any respect and like new, complete with CF converter, France, c. 1970s, (mint). Sold

Sampson Mordan pencil in silver.

Ref. 1324

Silver Mordan Poplar pencil, no dings or scratches, good mechanism, length 100mm, circa 1890, marked 'S. Mordan, sterling' (excellent), £169.

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Magic Vintage pencil.

Ref. 1323

Yellow metal magic pencil, very good mechanism, no dings, bruises, or scratches, ring top, circa 1880, USA, (very good), £89.

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Recent Additions Continued

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