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About 1834 Henry Stephens began manufacturing, "A carbonaceous black writing fluid which will accomplish the long desired and apparently hopeless task of rendering the manuscript as durable and as indelible as the printed record." Modern fountain pen ink is a descendant of these early formulations.

Pen Refills, Writing Ink and Pen Converters

Parker pen refills.
Parker Ink & Refills

Parker Ink, Cartridges & Converters  Ballpoint, D1, Rollerball Refills  Ingenuity Refills  Parker Leads & Erasers

Waterman pen refills.
Waterman Ink & Refills

Waterman Ink, Cartridges & Converters  Ballpoint, Fibre Tip & Rollerball Refills  Leads & Erasers

Sheaffer pen refills.
Sheaffer Ink & Refills

Sheaffer Ink, Cartridges & Converters  Ballpoint, Rollerball, Stylus, Erasers

Pelikan refills.
Pelikan Ink & Refills

Pelikan Ink, Cartridges & Converters  Ballpoint, Roller Ball & Eraser Refills

Edelstein ink.
Edelstein Writing Ink

Edelstein Ink

S T Dupont refills.
S T Dupont Ink & Refills

S T Dupont Ink, Cartridges & Converters  Ballpoint & Rollerball Refills  Leads & Erasers

Visconti refills.
Visconti Ink & Refills

Visconti Ink & Ink Cartridges  Visconti Ballpoint & Rollerball Refills  Visconti Converter

Caran d'Ache ink and refills.
Caran d'Ache Ink

Caran d'Ache Ink, Cartridges & Converters  Ballpoint & Rollerball Refills  Leads & Erasers

Cross pen refills.
Cross Ink & Refills

Cross Ink, Cartridges & Converters  Ballpoint Refills  Selectip Refills  Leads & Erasers

Yoropen ballpoint refills.
Yoropen Refills

Superior & Executive Yoropen Ballpoint & Pencil Refills

Space pen refills.
Fisher Refills

Space Pen Refills

Faber Castell pen refills.
Faber Castell Ink & Refills

Faber Castell Ink, Cartridges & Converters  Ballpoint, Rollerball & Lead Refills

Lamy refills.
Lamy Pen Refills & Ink

Lamy Ink & Cartridges & Converters  Ballpoint & Rollerball Refills  Multipen Refills  Leads & Erasers

Montegrappa pen refills.
Montegrappa Refills

Montegrappa Ink, Cartridges & Converters  Montegrappa Ballpoint & Rollerball Refills

Diamine ink.
Diamine Ink

Diamine Fountain Pen Ink

Monteverde refills.
Monteverde Refills

Montblanc Refills

Pilot pen refills.
Pilot Ink Refills

Pilot Ink Cartridges

Porsche Design pen refills.
Porsche Pen Refills

Porsche Design Pen and Pencil Refills

Aurora pen refills.
Aurora Ink, Refills

Aurora Ink, Refills

All Fountain Pen Converters

All fountain pen converters are listed here as well as on their individual ink pages