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Until envelopes were invented letters had to be folded and then sealed down with moistened wafers. Later sealing wax superseded wafers and people might personalise their correspondence by impressing seals on the wax.

Vintage Writing Equipment & Accessories

Pen Stands, Nib Wipes, Quill Cutters, Wax Seals, etc.

Cast iron folding pen stand.

Ref. 1211

Folding cast iron pen stand, registered design number '348155' marked under the base, good folding mechanism, circa 1880, (excellent). Sold

Pen rest.

Ref. 1100

Ceramic figural pen rest, marked 'Dudley & Co. Holloway, made in Austria' to the top, (very good). Sold

Nib wipe.

Ref. 1101

Cast iron pen stand and nib wipe, circa 1870, (excellent). Sold

Pen stand.

Ref. 1102

Large cast iron pen stand, registered design number "44197" marked beneath the base, circa 1870, (excellent). Sold

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