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Vintage Writing Equipment Archives

Penbox archive.

Burnham, Conklin, Mentmore, Wahl Eversharp and Wyvern

Conway Stewart

Mabie Todd (Swan)

The De La Rue Company Ltd (Onoto)


Parker 51


Other Makers' Vintage Pens

Writing Equipment

Inkwells, Ink Stands and Ink Bottles

Sampson Mordan Vintage Pencils and Combinations

Mixed Vintage Pencils and Combinations

Vintage pens featured within the Penbox archive have all been sold. These archive pages and images are for reference only. Vintage pens currently for sale can be found here.

Cloud of discontinued penzzz...

A cloud of pens that have been discontinued by pen makers and are no longer a current line. These pens or finishes have gone to the big pen cloud in the sky and are for reference only. It may be that in some cases the pens or finishes are available from retailers who still have stock but the pens are not available to order up from the particular pen manufacturer. The current lines and available finishes from the pen brands that Penbox stock can be found here.