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Writing originated as picture writing, in which a picture, at first drawn as a simple representation, through repetition became a stylised symbol associated with a specific word.

Vintage Writing Equipment & Accessories Archive

Pen stand.

Ref. 834

Cast iron pen stand, (very good). Sold

Cast iron pen stand.

Ref. 757

Large cast iron pen stand, registered design number "44197" marked beneath the base, circa 1870, (very good). Sold

Wax seal stamp.

Ref. 515

A hardstone, brass, silver and enamel seal, engraved initials, height 65mm, diameter 22mm, (very good). Sold

Qull knife.

Ref. 213

Quill knife, ebony handle, marked J.Nowill & Son, Sheffield England, circa 1850, (good). Sold

Parchment eraser.

Ref. 476

Eraser, used to scrap parchment, with a ebony or cocoa wood handle, circa 1850, (very good). Sold

Waterman's ink bottle.

Ref. 648

Waterman's Ideal master ink bottle, red, bakelite cap, front and rear labels, maker's marks on the base, no damage, made in Canada, (very good). Sold

Writing Equipment Archive Continued

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