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Mabie Todd (1860s - 1958), are also known as Swan, and before 1908 as Mabie Todd & Bard. Pens were also manufactured under the names of Blackbird, Swallow and Jackdaw.

Mabie Todd Archive

Mabie Todd 3230 pen.

Ref. 237

Mabie Todd 3230, grey, gold filled trim, ball clip, three cap bands, lever filler, Swan 14crt size 3 broad nib, crisp imprints, purchase tax sticker, (very good). Sold

Mabie Todd & Co Ltd, Swan Minor.

Swan boxed set.

Ref. 685

Swan Minor SM2/58, pen and matching Fyne Poynt pencil, green, brown, gold and black marbled, Swan size 2 14crt medium nib, lever filler, pencil mechanism good, very crisp colours and imprints, boxed with original guarantee, no scratches, marks or discolouration, ball end of stepped clip on pen slightly brassed, circa 1935, (very good). Sold

Swan 3120 pen by Mabie Todd & Co Ltd.

Ref. 240

Mabie Todd 3120, blue, lever filler, gold filled trim, price sticker, Swan 14crt size 1 medium nib, crisp imprints, (as new), circa 1948. Sold

Swan 4250 pen.

Ref. 101

Swan 4250, burgundy, leverless, torpedo shape, gold filled trim, 14crt gold size 2 nib, crisp imprints, English, circa 1949, (very good). Sold

Swan black hard rubber pen.

Ref. 201

Swan black hard rubber pen 130c/60, three bands, mottled accent to cap, lever filler, boxed, no discolouration, very crisp imprints, circa 1928, (very good). Sold

Mabie Todd Blackbird lever filler.

Ref. 545

Mabie Todd Blackbird, lever filler, red marbled, gold filled trim, 14crt fine Blackbird nib, price band on cap, circa 1950, English, (as new). Sold

Swan ink bottle decorative wall tile.

Ref. 741

Decorative wall tile featuring a bottle of Swan ink, unusual, marked on the rear "Pilkington's", (excellent). Sold

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