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Due to the indelible properties of Henry Stephens Inks the British government made it the mandatory ink for legal documents, Royal Navy ships logs and Admirals journals.

Inkwells, Inkstands & Ink Bottles Archive

Clear Glass inkwell.

Ref. 825

Clear glass inkwell with applied emerald green glass tear drop decoration, brass collar and hinged domed top, marked 'Patent, HANSA, DRP, D.R.G.M.', two small dings to brass top, German, circa 1910. Sold

Porcelain inkwell.

Ref. 613

Hand painted porcelain inkwell, floral decoration and gilding, two pen holders, porcelain insert, fluted corners, loose decorated cover, circa 1900, French, (very good). Sold

Bakelite Parker Quink ink container.

Ref 869

Red and black mottled bakelite container with Parker Quink ink bottle, c. 1930s, (very good). Sold

Glass safety excise inkwell.

Ref. 229

Unusual blown glass funnel shaped double safety excise inkwell, featuring two safety cones, with a circumferential cord groove. This well would have been worn on a belt. Not damaged, just dirty, (very good) circa 1800s. Sold

William's Ink Pot inkwell.

Ref. 292

Bell shaped inkwell. This Inkwell has an aperture for a pen on the unseen side, red with gold band trim, marked on the front "WILLIAM'S INK POT, RD NO 331808". Indicating the design was registered in 1899. Very good condition. Sold

Inkwells Archive Continued

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