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Due to the indelible properties of Henry Stephens' Inks the British government made it the mandatory ink for legal documents, Royal Navy ships' logs and journals.

Inkwells & Ink Bottles Archive -Page 2

Glass inkwell.

Ref. 290

A cut glass inkwell, pyramid shape, bevelled edges, 45mm square , 75mm high, circa 1825, (a couple of small chips) hence. Sold

Staffordshire dip pen inkwell.

Ref. 066

Staffordshire birds nest inkwell, no damage, circa 1890 (very good). Sold

Decorative porcelain inkwell.

Ref. 576

A porcelain inkwell and dip pen holder with a dome top and porcelain insert, transfer printed floral decorative panels and top, marked "Limoges Decor main Halga Paris", also impressed on the base with "223", early twentieth century, no damage, French, (excellent). Sold

Pressed glass safety inkwell.

Ref. 687

Pressed glass self-closing cylindrical inkwell, hard rubber top, printed "THE LUDGATE SELF-CLOSING INKSTAND, PAT NO 11884 OF 1913, THE LUDGATE CO. EDINBRUGH. MADE IN USA" a couple of small marks. Sold

Carved wood inkwelll.

Ref. 760

Carved wood inkwell, figural tree stump base with a hinged carved dogs head, glass eyes, clear glass ink liner, possibly German or Austrian, circa 1890, (very good). Sold

Inkwells Archive Continued

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