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Due to the indelible properties of Henry Stephens' Inks the British government made it the mandatory ink for legal documents, Royal Navy ships' logs and Admirals' journals.

Inkwells and Ink Bottles Archive - Page 3

Stephens' Bakelite container.

Ref. 700

Stephens' bakelite ink bottle container, red and black mottled, no ink bottle, circa 1935, no damage, (very good). Sold

Swan ink bottle.

Ref. 696

Swan ink bottle, blue-black, unused with its original box, original stationery label also attached to the bottle, bottle - as new, box - a bit tatty. Sold

Large porcelain siphon inkwell.

Ref. 587

A large porcelain siphon inkwell, impressed 'JP' on the base, French, height 21cm, width at base 12.5cm, mother bear reading a letter from baby 'Eugene' bear to daddy 'papa' bear, the letter is dated 1844 '27 Juillet 1844', one small chip to the flowers on the mother's head, some very slight rubbing of the gilt, otherwise undamaged, very rare, beautiful and unusual, possibly by Jacob Petit, French, circa 1844, mid 19th Century. Sold

Perry inkstand.

Perry & Co patent inkwell.

Ref. 650

A blue pot inkstand marked "PERRY & Cos, PATENT INKSTAND, LONDON, BRUSSELS, AMSTERDAM, FRANKFORT AND NEW YORK" on the base. The cork stopper appears to be original, (good). Sold

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