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In 1905, Mr Jarvis and Mr Garner formed Conway Stewart at 13 Paternoster Row, London. The Conway Stewart Dinkie was introduced in 1924, and initially made from vulcanite. Conway Stewart continued to produce the Dinkie into the late 1950s. Conway Stewart used casein extensively in the manufacture of pens. A casein pen will feel warmer to the touch than one made from celluloid or acrylic.

Conway Stewart Archive

Conway Stewart Dinkie pen set.

Ref. 1288

Conway Stewart Dinkie 550 fountain pen and pencil in blue with gold veining, rolled gold trim, lever filler, 14crt gold original nib, circa 1950, boxed (slight tatty), English, (excellent set). Sold

Conway Stewart 15.

Ref. 873

Conway Stewart 15, blue and pearl marbled, gold filled trim, single cap band, crisp barrel imprint, lever filler, no brassing or marks, medium 14crt gold nib, circa 1955, English, (very good). Sold

Conway Stewart 73 fountain pen.

Ref. 819

Conway Stewart 73, black, three cap bands, clear imprint, lever filler, no brassing or marks, medium 14crt gold medium nib, circa 1955, English, (excellent). Sold

58 Conway Stewart cracked ice set.

Ref. 1244

Conway Stewart 58 fountain pen and No. 33 pencil, cracked ice finish with gold filled trim, medium 14crt Duro 58 nib fitted to fountain pen, lever filler, original 1950s gift box, both items are in very good condition, fountain pen serviced and pencil has good working mechanism, c. 1955, (excellent). Sold

Conway Stewart Dinkie 560.

Ref. 829

Conway Stewart Dinkie 560 pen and No25 pencil, burgundy and gold veined, gold filled trim, 14crt medium nib, lever filler, clear and crisp imprints, boxed, unmarked in every respect, no brassing, English, circa 1955, (excellent). Sold

Conway Stewart 15 and Nippy pencil.

Ref. 713

Conway Stewart 15 pen and Nippy No3 pencil, gold filled trim, 14crt medium nib, burgundy pearl and black, single cap band, clear and crisp imprints, lever filler, English, circa 1952, boxed, unmarked in every respect, (excellent set). Sold

Vintage Conway Stewart 286 fountain pen.

Ref. 1274

The Conway Stewart No. 286 fountain pen in marbled burgundy, pearl and black, lever filler with single cap band, original 14crt nib in medium grade, crisp barrel markings, some slight brassing, circa 1939, (very good), English. Sold

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