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Sampson Mordan was born in 1790 and died in 1843. S. Mordan & Co. ceased trading in 1941, and the rights to the Mordan patents were sold to Edward Baker.

Vintage Mordan Pencil Archive

Silver Mordan Poplar pencil.

Ref. 832

Silver Mordan Poplar pencil, no dings, bruises or scratches, good mechanism, length 145mm, circa 1890, (excellent). Sold

Cedar pencil holder by Sampson Mordan.

Ref. 361

S.Mordan cedar pencil holder, marked Reg No 560693, clear maker's mark, London hallmark for 1914, good mechanism, ring top, no dings, (very good). Sold

Sampson Mordan telescopic pencil.

Ref. 726

Sampson Mordan silver telescopic pencil, marked "S.Mordan, Sterling Silver", good mechanism, no dings bruises or dents, small split to nozzle tip, (good). Sold

Mordan Everpoint pencil.

Ref. 716

Sampson Mordan Everpoint Centennial pencil, Greek key design to the barrel, concealed lead reserve, marked "S.LTD" on the finial's crown, good mechanism, a single very small ding to the nozzle, no brassing, circa 1933, (good). Sold

Enamelled Mordan dropper pencil.

Ref. 603

A Mordan gold and enamelled dropper pencil, light blue enamel over wavy line engine turning, to accept size 4 cedar pencils, full maker's marks, hallmarked for London 1928, no damage to the enamel work, good mechanism, enamelled Mordan pencils are very rare, English, (very good). Sold

Plastic Mordan Everpoint pencil.

Ref. 672

Sampson Mordan Everpoint pencil, marbled multi coloured plastic, vibrant colours, crisp and clear imprints, silver trim, black plastic finial conceals a lead reserve - the finial has a small crack, good mechanism, marbled plastic Mordans are rare, circa 1930s, (excellent - apart from finial). Sold

Sampson Mordan cedar pencil.

Ref. 623

S. Mordan & Co silver cable twist cedar pencil holder, detachable stirrup, maker's marks on the barrel and slide, hallmarked London 1896, the pencil case is released from the chain when the cedar pencil is propelled, no dings or bruises, (very good). Sold

Mordan pen and pencil combination.

Ref. 501

S. Mordan combination dip Pen and pencil, silver and ivory, two slide buttons, clear maker's marks, lead reserve beneath a screw off finial, mechanisms good, the ivory case has a crack as illustrated, fitted (as found) with a "Mabie Todd & Co, New York", size 3 flexible fine nib, circa 1880. Sold

Mordan dropper pencil.

Ref. 359

S.Mordan & Co drop action silver pencil, seven sided barley pattern, no dings or bruises, mechanism good, engraved "E.A.CHURCH", circa 1915, (very good). Sold

Sampson Mordan cable twist pencil.

Ref. 773

S. Mordan & Co. Ltd., silver cable twist taper desk pencil, no dings or bruises, good mechanism, circa 1890, (very good). Sold

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