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Pen Refills | Aurora Pen Refills, Ink.

Aurora Pen Refills

Aurora Ink, Aurora ink cartridges, rollerball, ballpoint refills and converters available for your Aurora pen. Look for reference 125 bottled ink, 129 cartridges, 132 ballpoint, 131 ballpoint, 280 rollerball, 285 fine liner refills and the 158 converter to ensure you get the correct refill for your Aurora pen.

Blue and black Aurora bottled ink, 45ml.
Black Blue

Aurora bottled ink, 45ml, No. 125, black or blue. £13.99

Ref. 129 Aurora ink cartridges.
Black Blue

Aurora ink cartridges in black or blue, No. 129, box of 5. £5.99

Ref. 132 Aurora ballpoint refill.
Black Blue

Aurora ballpoint refill, No. 132. £5.99

Ref. 131 Aurora ballpoint refill.
Black Blue

Aurora ballpoint refill, No. 131. £5.99*

*These Aurora refills are difficult to obtain in the UK, so we have sourced a compatible quality metal bodied equivalent refill which will be sent out as an alternative.

Ref. 280 Aurora roller pen refill.
Black Blue

Aurora rollerball refills, No. 280. £5.99

285 Aurora fine liner pen refill for fibre tip.
Black Blue

Aurora fine liner refill, No. 285. £5.99

Aurora converter, 158.

Aurora fountain pen converter, No. 158-C. £15.99

This converter fits the 88, Talentum, Ipsilon, Style.

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