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Waterman pen nibs.
Waterman nibs

Replacement Waterman pen nibs.

Waterman fountain pen nibs for the Expert, Carene, Exception, Edson, Charleston, Elegance, Perspective and Hemisphere fountain pens. Most nib grades posted on the same or next working day.

Model Waterman Nib Grades
EF Fine Med Broad Stub Fine Oblique Broad Oblique Images
18k Edson, Blue or Black Section: £322. Blue Edson nib
Black Edson nib
18k Exception GT or ST (large pens): £149. Exception nib.
Exception nib, ST.
18k Elegance GT or ST: £99. Waterman Elegance nib.
Elegance nib.
18k Carene GT or ST: £75. Carene nib, GT.
Carene nib, ST.
18k Charleston GT or ST: £70. Charleston nib.
Charleston nib, ST.
Perspective GT or ST: £42. Perspective nib, GT.
Perspective nib, ST.
Expert, GT or ST: £42. Expert nib, GT.
Expert nib, ST.
Hemisphere, GT or ST: £29. Hemisphere nib, GT.
Hemisphere nib, ST.

Standard nibs have a rounded writing point which gives smooth, free flowing writing and a uniform line width. Oblique nibs are cut obliquely which allows greater line variation. Italic nibs are manufactured with a straight cut tip. This gives a thick vertical line and a thin line width to horizontal writing strokes.

18k Exception Nibs (Large Models), £149:

18k Waterman Elegance Nibs, £99:

18k Waterman Carene, £76:

18k Gold Charleston Nibs, £70:

Perspective Nibs, £42:

Waterman Expert Nibs, £42:

Hemisphere Nibs, £29:

Note: GT = gold trim and CT = chrome trim.

All Waterman pen nibs are supplied as a complete front end and screw directly into the barrel of the pen.

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