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Conway Stewart introduced the herringbone pattern of pens in the 1950s.

Conway Stewart

Conway Stewart Dinkie pen set.

Ref. 1288

Conway Stewart Dinkie 550 fountain pen and pencil in blue with gold veining, rolled gold trim, lever filler, 14crt gold original nib, circa 1950, boxed (slight tatty), English, (excellent set). Sold

Vintage Conway Stewart pen 85.

Ref. 1262

Green and Pearl Marbled Conway Stewart 85 fountain pen with gold filled trim, No.3 14crt medium nib, single cap band, crisp imprints, lever filler, English, serviced, boxed with original guarantee, circa 1950s, (excellent). Sold

Conway Stewart Herringbone.

Ref. 1249

Blue Herringbone Conway Stewart No. 76 fountain pen, original 14crt No. 5 nib, diamond pocket clip, lever filler, gold filled trim, very crisps and clear maker's marks, c. 1960, made in England, (excellent). Sold

Conway Stewart 85L fountain pen.

Ref. 1203

Conway Stewart 85L fountain pen, gold filled trim, 14crt medium nib, scarlet pearl, black clip tassie, single cap band, crisp imprints, lever filler, English, circa 1956, (excellent). Sold

Conway Stewart pens.

Ref. 1150

Conway Stewart 12, green, brown & pearl marbled, gold filled trim, single cap band, crisp barrel imprint, lever filler, no brassing or marks, medium 14crt gold nib, boxed with original guarantee and filling instructions, circa 1955, English, (very good). Sold

Conway Stewart Flame, No. 16.

Ref. 937

Conway Stewart 16 fountain pen, rare green and black flame finish, nickel trim, original 14crt broad nib, crisp imprints, lever filler, c. 1955, no brassing or marks, (very good). Sold

Coway Stewart 16, Flame.

Ref. 830

Conway Stewart 16, flame finish, mauve and black, bandless, nickel plated trim, 14crt medium nib, lever filler, clear and crisp imprints, boxed, unmarked in every respect, no brassing, English, circa 1952, (excellent). Sold

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