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Graf von Faber Castell | Heritage

Limited Edition Graf von Faber Castell Heritage Pens

Limited edition Graf von Faber Castell Heritage pens.

Baroness Ottilie von Faber and Count Alexander zu Castell-Rüdenhausen got married in 1898. Due to a clause in her grandfather's will, the company should keep the 'Faber' name. The marriage thus creates the new noble family of 'von Faber-Castell'. Their marriage and life provides the inspiration for the Limited Edition Heritage Ottilie and Alexander.

Several layers of lacquer applied and polished by hand provide the barrels with a subtle brilliance and depth. Polishing an angular barrel presents a craftsman with the challenge of having to ensure the shape remains as exact as possible. All metal parts are made of solid silver. The grip, cap finial and cap carry a silver hallmark. The front end of the elegantly fluted cap is decorated by the double knurling characteristic for our sterling silver writing instruments as well as the initials of Alexander and Ottilie.

The words 'Handmade in Germany' are engraved in the wide cap lip band. The end cap features the engraving 'Limited Edition Heritage, 1898 pieces' representing the year of the marriage of Ottilie and Alexander.

Spring loaded pocket clip.

Two tone 18k gold nib.

Cartridge converter filler.

Limited to 1898 pieces.

Lacquer over silver.

Limited Edition Ottilie Heritage

Graf von Faber Castell Ottilie Heritage fountain pen.

Violet lacquer and silver.


Limited Edition Alexander Heritage

Graf von Faber Castell Alexander Heritage fountain pen.

Green lacquer over silver.


Limited Edition Faber Castell Heritage.

The bespoke gift box can accept one or two pens.

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