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POTY | 2021

Graf von Faber-Castell Pen of The Year Knights 2021

Pen of The Year Knights 2021 from Graf von Faber-Castell.

The Pen of the Year 2021 from Graf von Faber Castell is inspired by medieval knights. The training to become a knight took over 14 years. In addition to hunting, riding, loyalty, spirituality and material arts, it also include dancing, swimming and climbing. Upon completion of their training the young men received their knightly accolade. In the Middle Ages the strongest prevailed, therefore skilful sword fighting and weaponry played a central role in the life of a knight. The Pen of the Year 2021 from Graf von Faber-Castell is inspired by the armour of the age of chivalry and the main weapon of choice for a knight the sword forged from Damascus steel. Damascus steel was developed in the Middle Ages by steel smiths to make quality swords. Its properties are achieved by repeated folding of various types of steel, which resulted in the typical iridescent and unique pattern to the sword blades surface. The barrel of the POTY 2021 is made from steel with these same characteristics with two flutes similar to those on these swords.

Produced in 2021.

The brown section replicates a leather grip on a sword.

The end of the barrel is adorned with a large red garnet.

The PVD titanium coated cap replicates the chain mail worn by knights.

Has a PVD titanium coated barrel and cap.

The cap and barrel ends are inspired by castle battlements and turrets.

An heraldic cross on the cap top.

Every pen barrel has a unique pattern.

18k gold, ruthenium coated nib.

Nib options are F, M, B, BB.

Plunger filling mechanism with concealed knob.

Limited edition of 375 numbered fountain pens and 125 rollerballs.

Laquered black luxury gift box with additional pen storage.

Paperwork and certificate signed by Count Charles of Faber-Castell.

Graf von Faber Castell Knights 2021.

Graf von Faber Castell Knights Pen of The Year 2021.

Graf von Faber Castell Knights 2021.

One example only with a medium nib.


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The Graf von Faber Castell Knights Pen of The Year 2021.

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