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Pure copper is a soft metal but when alloyed with tin (bronze) or tin and zinc (brass) it becomes suitable as a material for making inkwells.

Inkwells, Inkstands & Ink Bottles - Page 4

Waterman safety ink container.

Ref. 1124

Waterman safety ink container with original bottle and eye dropper, c. 1915. Sold

Parker Quink safety container.

Ref. 1122

Parker Quink safety container, red ribbed bakelite, original label and inner bottle with bakelite screw top, rare colour, no damage to container, circa 1930, (very good). Sold

Novelty Figural inkwell.

Ref. 928

Cast iron figural inkwell, featuring Daniel Lambert who was noted in the 19th century for his weight of 52 stones, English, c. 1850, (good). Sold

Phrenology inkwell.

Ref. 910

Ceramic Phrenology Inkwell, phrenological areas marked in black and the base decorated in blue, inkwell and two quill holders, mid 19th century, the slightest of rubbing, English, (excellent). Sold

Parker bakelite.

Ref. 1134G

Parker Quink safety container, ribbed black and red mottled bakelite, complete with ink bottle with bakelite screw off top, circa 1930s, (very good). Sold

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