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Pelikan Pens | Souveran | 605 Stresemann

M605 Pelikan Stresemann Fountain Pen

Pelikan Souveran Stresemann.
M605 Pelikan Stresemann fountain pen.

The M605 Pelikan Souveran Stresemann is dedicated to the foreign minister of the Weimar Republic (Germany's government between 1919 - 1933), Gustav Stresemann (1879- 1929), who was a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1926. During the course of his high profile political career and whilst in the public eye, Gustav Stresemann often wore pinstriped suits consisting of black and grey striped trousers and matching jacket. Thereafter the stripped Souveran pen range produced by The Pelikan Pen Company was popularly known and referred to as "Stresemann", and subsequently that is why Pelikan named this black and anthracite finish after Gustav Stresemann.

M605 Stresemann Features

Joined the Pelikan Souveran fountain pen range in late 2019.

Anthracite and black stripped barrel.

Black cap, piston filler knob and section behind the nib.

Palladium plated trim.

Standard medium sized.

Differentiated piston filler mechanism.

Single tone 14k 585 gold, rhodium plated single tone nib.

Gift boxed with information and warranty booklet.

Fountain Pen, £299
Pelikan M605 Stresemann.
M605 Pelikan Stresemann fountain pen.

The differential piston filler mechanism was first used by Pelikan in 1929.

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