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Mabie Todd (Swan) discontinued the vulcanite over-under feed circa 1911.

Mabie Todd (Swan)

9crt Swan pen from Mabie Todd and Co. Ltd.

Ref. 1235

9crt gold Swan Mabie Todd and Co. Ltd. fountain pen, chevron and lined decoration to cap and barrel, clear maker's marks on the barrel, fully hallmarked on the barrel, cap and pocket clip, original 14crt medium size 2 nib, overlayed section, safety filler, no dings or dents, un-engraved cartouche, excellent condition and in original box, c. 1930, English, (excellent). Sold

Swan fountain pen.

Ref. 1285

Swan Minor No. 2 SM2/60 black fountain pen with chasing to the barrel and cap, chrome plated trim, 14crt No. 2 medium nib, lever filler, very crisp imprints, all original, 1930s, English, (excellent). Sold

Swan pocket clip.

Ref. 1132

Swan pocket clip for vulcanised hard rubber pen, c. 1910, (very good), £25.

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Swan ink bottle decorative wall tile.

Ref. 1041

Decorative wall tile featuring a bottle of Swan ink, unusual, marked on the rear 'Pilkingtons', (excellent), £65.

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Mabie Todd No. 2 leverless.

Ref. 922

Mabie Todd No. 2 fountain pen, gold filled, engine turned decoration to cap and barrel, overlaid section, leverless filler, 14crt medium nib, ball end step clip, original in all respects, no dings, bruises or scratching, English, circa 1936, (excellent - but engraved cartouche). Sold

Mabie Todd, New York, No 8 nib.

Ref. 767

Mabie Todd & Co Ltd New York, Swan 8 lever filler, No 8 medium nib, chased black hard rubber, 25mm crack to cap lip, heavy oxidation to cap and barrel, section good, circa 1920s, (nib excellent). Sold

Mabie Todd Pens Continued

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