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Montblanc registered the famous "White Star" as a trademark in 1924.

Vintage Montblanc & Pelikan

Montblanc 146.

Ref. 1096

Montblanc Meisterstuck 146 fountain pen, black with gold-trim, medium 14crt two tone nib, pocket clip number GB122648, boxed with original booklet, box tatty but pen unmarked in all respects, this pen retails for £295, West German, (excellent). Sold

Pelikan ashtray.

Ref. 1042

Pelikan ashtray, retailer gift from the 1960s, crazing to surface glaze but otherwise excellent. Sold

Montblanc 320 pen.

Ref. 398

Montblanc 320, piston filler, black with gold filled trim, 14crt nib, Germany, circa 1960, (very good). Sold

Montblanc Miesterstuck 14 fountain pen.

Ref. 399

Montblanc Miesterstuck No 14, piston filler, black with gold filled trim, 14crt broad nib, Germany, circa 1955, (very good). Sold

Momtblanc 22.

Ref. 466

Montblanc 22, piston filler, black, gold filled trim, medium nib, German, circa 1959, (as new). Sold

Brown Pelikan 400 piston filler.

Ref. 401

Pelikan 400, piston filler, brown cap, brown striated barrel, gold filled trim, 14crt fine Pelikan nib, Germany, circa 1954, (very good). Sold

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