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In 1889 George S. Parker secured a patent for his improved ink feed. He was soon producing his own improved pens.

Parker Archive - Page 2

Parker Duofold Red Mosaic fountain pen.

Ref. 771

Parker Duofold Red Mosaic, 18crt gold platinum plated medium nib, all trim is platinum, uninked and as new in all respects, complete with box and papers, cartridge converter,  produced for a limited period in 2002, (mint). Sold

Parker Sonnet fountain pen.

Ref. 722

Red Chinese Laque Parker Sonnet Premier, 23crt gold plated trim, 18crt gold/rhodium highlighted medium nib, uninked, missing box, original RRP £165, (mint). Sold

Parker 75 Milleraies pen and ballpoint.

Ref. 749

Parker 75 Milleraies pen and ballpoint twin set, gold plated, 14crt medium nib, round section, narrow section band, converter filler, no dings, bruises or scratches, circa 1989, (excellent). Sold

Gold & Pearl Parker Vacumatic.

Ref. 655

Parker Vacumatic, gold pearl, blue diamond clip, gold filled trim, crisp and clear colours and imprints, plastic plunger, 14crt medium arrow nib, no marks or scratches, circa 1946, (very good). Sold

9crt Parker 61 pencil.

Ref. 728

Parker 61 9crt gold ballpoint pen, tear drop decoration, hallmarked to the cap, clip and barrel, unmarked in all respects, 1973, (excellent). Sold

Valentine pen.

Ref. 090

Valentine candy stick pen, brown, red and silver, with the original 14crt medium Valentine nib and ball clip, no scratches to the cap or barrel, slight brassing to the clip and lever, clear maker's marks, English, circa 1940s, (good). Sold

Parker 65 Consort.

Boxed Parker 65 Consort.

Ref. 566

Parker 65 Consort Insignia, heavy rolled gold cap and barrel, converter, pearlised jewels to cap and barrel, medium nib, unmarked in any way, English, circa 1970s. Sold

Parker 65 Delux.

Parker 65 Flighter.

Ref. 185

Parker 65 Flighter, pearlised studs on cap and barrel ends, boxed with original guarantee, converter, 14crt fine nib, circa 1972, (excellent). Sold

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