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Parker Duofold fountain pen nibs made at the Newhaven factory were stamped with an 'N' to identify them from US and Canadian production. Newhaven began production in the early 1940s.

Parker Archive - Page 4

Marbled Maroon Duofold International.

Ref. 1038

MKII Marbled Maroon Parker Duofold International fountain pen, 18crt broad two-tone nib, gold trim, cartridge/converter, inked but mint, boxed with outer sleeve and papers, English, c. 1990, (mint). Sold

Parker 61 Cumulus twin set.

Ref. 1023

Parker 61 Cumulus fountain pen and pencil, gold-plated "cloud" design with 14crt medium nib, new old stock, English, circa 1976, (mint). Sold

Parker 61 Presidential, fine barley.

Ref. 867

Parker 61 Presidential, fine barley decoration, solid 9crt gold, pearlised cap and barrel jewels, 14crt broad nib, cartridge/converter, Parker hard box, 1975, English, (mint). Sold

Parker Duofold, aluminium filler.

Ref. 688

Parker Duofold AF, aluminium button filler, brown, gold filled trim, no marks or brassing, medium 14crt Newhaven nib, clear imprints, English, circa 1948, (very good). Sold

9k Parker 61 ballpoint.

Ref. 1034

9crt Parker 61 ballpoint pen, Waterdrop decoration, hallmarked barrel/cap and pocket clip (London 1968), pearlised clip jewel, unmarked in all respects, cartouche not engraved, excellent example in original Presidential gift box, English, 1960s, (mint). Sold

Parker Duofold Red Mosaic fountain pen.

Ref. 1170

Parker Duofold Red Mosaic, 18crt gold platinum plated medium nib, all trim is platinum, uninked and as new in all respects, complete with box and papers, the outer box is slightly tatty, cartridge converter, produced for a limited period in 2002, (mint). Sold

Parker Duofold pencil.

Ref. 1171

MKI Blue Marbled Parker Duofold pencil, circa 1988, (mint). Sold

Parker 61 Custom Insignia.

Ref. 1022

Parker 61 Custom Insignia fountain pen, rolled gold cap and barrel, inked but mint, no scratches, dents or marks, circa 1970s, English, (mint). Sold

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