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In 1789 plumbago or black lead was renamed 'graphite' after it had been proven to be a form of carbon. Plumbago was discovered in England in the sixteenth century.

Vintage Pencils - Page 2

Rotary pencil.

Ref. 370

R M & Co marked gold screw action pencil, hidden lead reserve beneath screw off finial, no dings or bruises and a good mechanism, (as new). Sold

Enamelled magic pencil.

Ref. 373

Magic Pencil with floral design on enamel over engine turning, good mechanism, one mark to the enamelling, circa 1920, (otherwise good). Sold

Enamelled pencil.

Ref. 439

Sterling Silver & Enamel Pencil, yellow opaque enamel over engine turning, no chips or scratches, (very good). Sold

USA Fountain Pen Co. N.Y. pencil.

Ref. 443

Gold Pencil, USA Fountain Pen Co New York, no dings or bruises, 120mm extended, (very good) £59.

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Cedar pencil holder.

Ref. 540

An Edward Baker silver vest pocket pencil, 'GOOD LUCK' decoration to one side and wavy line and dot to the other, fully hallmarked for Birmingham 1903, no dings or bruises, ring top, English, (good). Sold

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