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Pilot Pens | Capless Pens

Pilot Capless fountain pens and Capless Decimo pens.

Pilot Capless Pens

Pilot Capless pens.
Pilot Capless fountain pens.

Pilot Capless Fountain Pens

The Pilot Capless pen is a perfect combination of luxury and technology. The Capless (known as the Vanishing Point in the USA) is an exceptional pen which adds a new dimension to the fountain pen concept. Retractable fine, medium or broad nibs in 18crt gold are available with this pen. The most famous Capless fountain pen uses standard Pilot ink cartridges or bottled ink with the use of the converter supplied with the pen.

The world's first retractable fountain pen is supplied fully gift boxed.

Pilot Capless Decimo pens.
Pilot Decimo fountain pen.

Pilot Decimo Fountain Pens

The Pilot Capless Decimo is a slimmer and lighter version of the classic Capless, with the same ingenious mechanism and a new range of finishes with rhodium trim and an 18K gold rhodium-plated nib and optional fine, medium or broad nib widths. The Pilot Capless Decimo fountain pen uses standard Pilot cartridges or bottled ink with the use of the provided converter.

Decimo fountain pens are beautifully gift boxed.

Namiki Pilot Capless Fermo fountain pens.
Pilot Capless Fermo.

Pilot Capless Fermo

The Pilot Fermo is the latest and largest of the Pilot Capless models, having a twist action to extend and retract the 18K fine, medium or broad nib. The Capless Fermo fountain pen uses standard Pilot ink cartridges or bottled ink with the included converter. Available in black, blue and silver with rhodium plated trim.

Introducing the latest Capless pen from Pilot.

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