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Porsche Pens.

Porsche Design Pens

Porsche Design Pens.

Porsche Design pens. Grandson of the legendary Ferdinand Porsche, F.A. Porsche has much to his design credit, from the Porsche 911 to an equally beautiful collection of pens. You will find that all Porsche Design pens are direct derivatives of his personal philosophy: "Timeless good design is not just a matter of superficial styling. Rather, it is a process that takes place from within, as part of the formal implementation of a functional principle." Using the most appropriate and advanced materials available, the company produces their writing instruments by combining the finest craft traditions with modern technology. Celebrate the principle of form following function and give a Porsche Design pen a test drive. The fountain pen nib grades available are fine, medium and broad.

Porsche Design fountain pen, P'3110. Porsche Design ballpoint.

Porsche Design P'3110 Pens. TecFlex, stainless steel and gold weave. Fountain pen, rollerball, ballboint and pencil.

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Porsche P'3110 fountain pen. Porsche Design P'3110 rollerball.

Porsche Design P'3110 Pens. TecFlex, stainless steel weave. Fountain pen, rollerball, ballpoint and pencil.

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Black Porsche Design TecFlex pens. Black TecFlex.

Porsche Design Black TecFlex Pens. Fountain, rollerball, pencil and ballpoint pen.

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P3115 LaserFlex.

Porsche LaserFlex pen P'3115 ballpoint Pen.

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Anthracite P'3120 ballpoint. Aluminium P'3120 ballpoint.

Porsche Design P'3120 Anthracite ballpoint and pencil.

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P'3125 Porsche Design Slim Line fountain pen.

Porsche Design P'3125 Slim Line pens. Fountain pen, ballpoint and pencil.

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Porsche Design P3130 ballpoint.

Porsche Design P'3130 propelling ballpoint and pencil.

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P'3135 Porsche Design Solid.

Porsche Design P'3135 Solid fountain pen.

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Porsche Design P'3140 ballpoint. Shake it! White Porsche Design P'3140 pen.

Porsche Design P'3140 Compact Ballpoint Pen. A shake activates the mechanism.

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All Porsche Design pens are gift boxed with papers and guarantees.

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