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S. Mordan were primarily pencil case manufacturers although their catalogue for 1898 featured penholders, toothpicks, nibs, pen cutters and inkstands.

Sampson Mordan Pencils - Page 2

Mordan Populist pencil.

Ref. 1160

Silver Mordan Populist pencil, no dings, bruises or scratches, good mechanism, marked both 'Mordan & Co.' and 'sterling', length 100mm, circa 1898, (excellent). Sold

Sampson Mordan combo.

Ref. 694

Sampson Mordan silver combination pen and pencil, pen and pencil split slide mechanisms good, screw off finial conceals a lead reserve, green and brown flecked seal stone, fully hallmarked, date mark unclear, engraved " HUNT & ROSKELL" - retailer, no dings, bruises or scratches, circa 1850s, (very good). Sold

Sampson Mordan combination pen and pencil.

Ref. 632

Mordan gold combination pen & pencil, lead reserve, engraved "FROM THE MEMBERS OF THE KATESGROVE BIBLE CLASS NOV. 1879", marked with the Mordan trademark arrow, no dings, bruises or marks, English. Sold

Telescopic pen & pencil combination.

Ref. 599

A three stage gold telescopic pencil and dip pen combination, ring top, two slide actions, probably Mordan, no dings, bruises or dents, good mechanisms, circa 1898, (very good). Sold

Gothic style silver extending pencil.

Ref. 368

Silver slide pencil with an ornate gothic style, unmarked but similar to those made by Mordan,  hexagonal finial set with a yellow stone and concealing a lead reserve, ribbed barrel and extending section, no dings or bruises, (excellent). Sold

Promotional Mordan dropper pencil.

Ref. 383

Mordan Silver Dropper Pencil, engraved advertisement 'MITRE METAL POLISH' on one side and 'MITRE BOOT POLISH' on the opposite side. Chester hallmark with an unclear date letter, one small mark to the barrel, brass nozzle section, circa 1920, (good). Sold

Sampson Mordan dropper pencil.

Ref. 426

Mordan 9crt large dropper pencil, round barrel with barley pattern, clear maker's marks, good mechanism, one small ding on the side of the button, English, (very good). Sold

Dropper pencil.

Ref. 577

A dropper pencil in 9crt gold, good mechanism, no maker's marks but similar to Mordan examples, a couple of very small dings, circa 1920, (very good). Sold

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