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Sailor pens.

Sailor Pens

In 1911 Mr Kyugoro Sakata, an engineer from the historic naval port of Hiroshima in Japan was introduced to a fountain pen brought from England by a Sailor and became determined to produce a finely crafted pen of his own. Along the way he decided to name the company he formed Sailor Pens, becoming the first company to produce fountain pens in Japan, and now one of the oldest pen manufacturers. The company has proudly maintained a heritage of quality and technical perfection since its formation, and still today it offers the customer a unique variety of fountain pens to enhance the pleasure of the written word.

Sailor King of Pens.

Sailor King of Pens

An oversized pen with a large sized nib.

1911 Sailor fountain pens.

1911 Sailor

The 1911 Series of fountain pens from Sailor.

Sailor pen refills.

Sailor Pen Refills

Use a Sailor fountain pen to express your written thoughts.