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Sheaffer Roaring 20's Fountain Pen

Sheaffer Roaring 20s Limited Edition.
Roaring 20's cherry wood gift box.

Artfully engraved on gleaming sterling silver, the Sheaffer Roaring Twenties Limited Edition pays tribute to the cultural trends from the 1920s, a decade that is looked upon with great nostalgia and whose legacy still lives on. The detailed images appear in a mural-like fashion, and recall landmark events, people and places - including aviation, Art Deco, baseball, and the Charleston - as as well as the role Sheaffer played within the writing industry during this vibrant period. The fountain pen has an 18k inlaid nib.

Connoisseurs and history aficionados alike will cherish this beautifully crafted historical edition, which is limited to 1913 writing instruments worldwide (1108 fountain pens, and 805 rollerballs.)

Sheaffer's Roaring 20s limited edition writing instruments come packaged in a luxurious cherry wood gift box. The fountain pen gift box includes two black and two blue ink cartridges, a piston converter, and one bottle of ink. The roller ball gift box includes one black and one blue refill.

All limited edition Sheaffer Roaring Twenties pens have the Sheaffer three Year Warranty, and are packaged with a certificate of authenticity and a booklet providing further details of the 1920s.

Sure to be treasured and admired for years to come.

Sheaffer Roaring 20s Twenties.

Roaring 20s Limited Edition Fountain Pen with 18k/rhodium plated medium nib.

One example only of this desirable pen (new and fully boxed with outer sleeves).

No longer available.

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