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Visconti Pens | Van Gogh

Visconti Van Gogh Pens

Visconti Van Gogh pens.

Drawing inspiration from Van Gogh's paintings, Visconti have created a range of fountain pens, rollerballs, rollergraphic pens, ballpoints and pencils. Having chosen twelve key and important paintings by Van Gogh, and with a combination of acrylic resins, they have created twelve distinctive finishes. Every Visconti Van Gogh pen being a symphony of colour. A perfect pen collection for those of you who have a passion for pens.

Illustrated below are the fountain and ballpoint pens in the Pollards Willows, Irises, Self Portrait, Starry Night, Chair and Shoes finishes.

Writing modes: Fountain pen, ballpoint, roller graphic, rollerball and pencil.
Filling: Bottled or ink cartridges (converter supplied).
Material: Combined acrylic resins.
Cap: Magnetic fitting cap.
Nibs: Medium, fine or broad (engraved steel).
Gift box: Boxed with booklet and reproduction of painting.

Pollard Willows fountain pen.
Pollard Willows ballpoint pen.

Pollard Willows

Visconti Van Gogh fountain pen.
Visconti Van Gogh ballpoint pen.


Visconti Self Portrait fountain pen.
Visconti Self Portrait ballpoint pen.

Self Portrait

Starry Night fountain pen.
Starry Night ballpoint.

Starry Night

Van Gogh Shoes fountain pen.
Visconti Shoes ballpoint.


Visconti Van Gogh Chair fountain pen.
Visconti Van Gogh Chair ballpoint pen.


Visconti Van Gogh Fountain Pen, £179

Ballpoint Pen, £149

A collection of colourful pens inspired by the paint pallet of Van Gogh.

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