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Waterman Exception, Elegance, Carene, Charleston, Expert and Hemisphere pens.

Waterman pens. Including the Waterman Edson, Waterman Exception and Waterman Carene pens.

Prestige Waterman Pens

Waterman Exception pens.

Waterman Exception Pens

The Waterman Exception pen represents a technical triumph for the inventive minds at Waterman. By combining creative daring with technical excellence, they have created the first quadrangle writing instrument. The Waterman Exception is available with 23k gold-plated or silver plated trim.

Elegance pens.

Waterman Elegance Pens

Waterman Elegance fountain pens are fitted with an 18k gold nib available in EF, fine, medium or broad. A combination of deep layers of lacquer, exquisite engraving and sensual contours fuse in luxurious expression. Also available in rollerball.

Waterman Carene pens.

Waterman Carene Pens

The Waterman Carene is a pen that asserts its difference. When the cap is removed, the Waterman Carene reveals its luxurious curves and its dynamic style is enhanced by the elegance of its trims. The Waterman Carene Deluxe, Essential and Contemporary are available in a variety of finishes. Waterman Carene fountain pens are fitted with 18k solid gold or 18k solid gold rhodium plated nibs.

Waterman Charleston

Waterman Charleston Pens

Inspired by Art Deco design the Waterman Charleston with its tapering form and geometric lines has a retro charm. The Charleston fountain is fitted with an 18k gold nib available in EF, F, M, B, Stub, OF and OB.

Waterman Expert pens.

Waterman Expert Pens

With a generously proportioned barrel, a bevelled cap terminal and a stainless steel nib offering total reliability, the Expert embodies both style and function. The elegance of Expert pens is accentuated by highly contemporary finishes.

Waterman Hemisphere pens.

Waterman Hemisphere Pens

The Waterman Hemisphere pen is an elegant and sophisticated slim pen for every day and every occasion. And the contemporary Hemisphere finishes have now been reinforced by the new Optical White and Deluxe finishes. The Hemisphere fountain pen is available fitted with an extra fine, fine, medium or broad nib. Also available in roller ball, ballpoint and pencil.

These Waterman pens are gift boxed.