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Executive Yoropen Pens


Executive Yoropen Pens.

Executive Yoropen Pens and Pencils. The Yoropen is the best ergonomically designed pen in the world. Winner of numerous international awards in design, invention and innovation, the revolutionary Yoropen relieves the discomfort of writing. Its features include a finger support, adjustable grip and increased visibility. The finger support relaxes the writer's fingers, requiring very little pressure and reducing any strain. The adjustable tripod grip can be rotated to a preferred writing position (left-handers rotate the grip to the left). The angle of the pen allows for better visibility of your written work (left-handers will not suffer smudges). The mechanical pencil features a rotating barrel for a variable thickness of line. Perfect for artists and designers. Both the Executive Yoropen ballpoint pen and the pencil are finished in brushed satin silver.

Yoropen pens.

Yoropen ballpoint pens.

Yoropen pencil.

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Executive Yoropen ballpoint pens and pencils are supplied individually gift boxed.