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Penbox retail Parker, Waterman, Sheaffer, Pelikan, Porsche Design, Dupont, Visconti, Cross, Lamy, Fisher, Caran d'Ache, Faber Castell, Montegrappa, Onoto, Pilot, Diplomat, Omas, Aurora, Sailor, Namiki, Conway Stewart and Graf von Faber Castell from our pen shop and online. We also retail some selected vintage pens, inkwells, ink bottles and vintage writing equipment. Whatever your budget and preference we aim to provide the perfect pen for you to show your personality and make your mark when writing.

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Pelikan M600 Art Collection Glauco Cambon.

Pelikan Glauco Cambon

If you are looking for a prestige pen, limited edition pen, pen refill, writing ink, a replacement pen nib, leather pen case, pen converter, writing desk accessory or a vintage pen, hopefully Penbox can help you with your purchase. Pens from many leading brands are on display in the pen shop and online store.

Despite the information technology age the popularity of the fountain pen and ballpoint has increased. Some modern pens now combine technology, style, form, colour, materials, function and a variety of filling systems to produce minor master pieces in their own right. Fountain pens are no longer seen as just a strange historical oddity and are once again becoming part of everyday life, and again being used more extensively for diary, journal and record keeping. More recently we have also seen an increase in younger customers visiting the shop in addition to the older generation who recall the ink monitor from their school days. Recent research of school and university students has also demonstrated that writing by hand encourages cognitive development and improves retentiveness. We also believe that writing with a pen and ink improves handwriting, stimulates creativity and gives the user a warm glow. A satisfied fountain pen user has a pen, an ink and writing paper that work well together.

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